Request Password

If you are present in SUPR, you can request a new SUPR password. It is used to login to SUPR (and centre web portals that talk about "Login via SUPR"). It is not used to login to compute or storage resources at centres.

To request a password, enter the email address you have in SUPR below and press the button. You will get an email with instructions on how to set a new password. You need to complete this within 24 hours.

If it does not work

Please try other email addresses that you might have used in SUPR.

If you have registered your federated identity in SUPR, you should be able to Login using Federation instead of requesting a password.

If you are present in SUPR with an email address you cannot receive emails for, use the support form to get help with accessing your existing SUPR person.

If you are not present in SUPR, you can register a new person.