Register New Person

Please choose the right method for you:

Existing Person

Duplicate person records in SUPR cause extra work for you and for centre staff members. If you are already present in the SUPR database, please request a password instead of registering a new person.

If you know you are present in SUPR but cannot use the password request function, use the support form to get help with accessing your existing SUPR person.

Register with Federated Identity

If you have a federated identity (from the Swedish SWAMID identity federation or somewhere else), you can register with it and have that identity automatically connected to your SUPR user.

Also, if you have an employee, student or equivalent identity at a Swedish university or other organization that is part of the SWAMID identity federation, you will be able to accept User Agreements using it. This also works if you have a verified eduID user, by selecting "eduID Sweden" as your identity provider (see the eduID FAQ about the eIDAS method that can work for persons from abroad).

Register without Federated Identity

If you do not have a federated identity (or you do, but it does not work), you can register anyway. You will be able to connect your SUPR person to your federated identity later.