Swedish Science Cloud 2023

This Round is Open for Proposals

The NAISS Swedish Science Cloud round is a round of NAISS Small type, for projects that require cloud och cloud-like services

This resource is intended only for scientific research not fit to run on traditional HPC-hardware.

Some examples of this but not limited to are HTC-applications, container pipeline workflows, interactive compute jobs or simple post processing and visualization tools.

NAISS Swedish Science Cloud allocations are made available via allocations expressed in terms of NAISS Coins.

This round is open for proposals until 2024-01-01 00:00.


Resource Centre Upper
Available Unit Note
Cloud SSC 1 500 000 Coins

SNIC Science Cloud is a large scale, geographically distributed OpenStack cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

You can check how much available resources there are in the regions on the SNIC Science Cloud status page.

The capacity unit is SNIC Coins. Compute and storage in the cloud will consume coins and you can choose to run multiple small instance or fewer larger instances depending on your needs. You can estimate how much SNIC Coins your resources will consume on the SNIC Science Cloud homepage.

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