Cloud @ SSC (Cloud resource)

Swedish Science Cloud (SSC) is a large-scale, geographically distributed OpenStack cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), intended for Swedish academic research provided by NAISS.

It is available free of charge to researchers at Swedish higher education institutions through open application procedures.

The SSC resources are not meant to be a replacement for NAISS supercomputing resources (HPC clusters). Rather, it should be seen as a complement, offering advanced functionality to users who need more flexible access to resources (for example more control over the operating systems and software environments), want to develop software as a service, or want to explore recent technology such as for “Big Data” (e.g. Apache Hadoop/Spark) or IoT applications.

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Open Round

At this moment, you can apply for access to this resource in the following round:

Swedish Science Cloud 2024

The NAISS Swedish Science Cloud round is a round of NAISS Small type, for projects that require cloud och cloud-like services

This resource is intended only for scientific research not fit to run on traditional HPC-hardware.

Some examples of this but not limited to are HTC-applications, container pipeline workflows, interactive compute jobs or simple post processing and visualization tools.

NAISS Swedish Science Cloud allocations are made available via allocations expressed in terms of NAISS Coins.