Functional role of noncoding RNA in cancer




Principal Investigator:

Chandrasekhar Kanduri


Göteborgs universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10602: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


  • Castor /proj at UPPMAX: 25000 GiB
  • Cygnus /proj at UPPMAX: 25000 GiB
  • Castor /proj/nobackup at UPPMAX: 12000 GiB
  • Cygnus /proj/nobackup at UPPMAX: 12000 GiB
  • Bianca at UPPMAX: 10 x 1000 core-h/month


Our lab is interested in characterising role of noncoding RNAs in different cancers. With the large amount of data generated in our lab and by analysing datasets from other scientific repositories (i.e, TCGA, TARGET, ENCODE etc.,) we address the molecular mechanism of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs). So far we found long noncoding RNA, NBAT1 playing critical role in neuroblastoma progression by regulating Cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation. Also we found that lncRNAs associated with chromatin can regulate their target pathway genes via RNA-DNA triplex formation. Currently we are investigating different mechanism by which noncoding RNAs can function using different disease/cancer models. All this projects involves different bioinformatic approaches and testing various computational pipelines. To achieve our goal we need access to huge computational platform/resource. We are currently working on long term projects and we would like to extend our CPU hours to 15000 CPU hours and storage space up to 35 TB (35000 GiB). Also we request you to transfer all the data related to project 'b2010069' (/proj/b2010069/, /proj/b2010069/nobackup) to SENS project.