Nonlinear wave-structure interaction

NAISS 2023/5-546


NAISS Medium Compute

Principal Investigator:

Malin Göteman


Uppsala universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

20702: Energy Systems



The project will continue to study nonlinear wave-structure interaction for wave energy converters as well as offshore wind energy systems, mainly using the CFD software OpenFOAM. The overall aim is to study and improve the offshore survivability of these renewable energy systems. Dynamics and forces will be studied in different extreme waves conditions. The wave-structure interaction is highly nonlinear and must be resolved with CFD software, which are computationally demanding. Access to HPC clusters are a requirement for this research to take place. The existing project has thus far resulted in several journal and conference papers (SNIC has been acknowledged in all of them), as well as one PhD thesis (Linnea Sjökvist, 2017) and one licentiate thesis (Eirini Katsidoniotaki, 2021). The work forms the basis of Eirini Katsidoniotaki's PhD work. Some recent publications include: - Eirini Katsidoniotaki and Malin Göteman, Numerical modeling of extreme wave interaction with point-absorber using OpenFOAM, Ocean Engineering 245: 110268, 2022. - Eirini Katsidoniotaki, Foivos Psarommatis, and Malin Göteman. Digital Twin for the Prediction of Extreme Loads on a Wave Energy Conversion System, Energies 15.15: 464, 2022. - Eirini Katsidoniotaki, Erik Nilsson, Anna Rutgersson, Jens Engström, and Malin Göteman, Response of point-absorbing wave energy conversion system in 50-years return period extreme focused waves, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9(345), 2021. - Linus Wrang, Eirini Katsidoniotaki, Erik Nilsson, Anna Rutgersson, Jesper Rydén, Malin Göteman, Comparative Analysis of Environmental Contour Approaches to Estimating Design Loads for Offshore Installations, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9(96), 2021.