Genome assembly and annotation of Hordeum bulbosum

NAISS 2023/5-432


NAISS Medium Compute

Principal Investigator:

Anna Westerbergh


Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10609: Genetics (medical to be 30107 and agricultural to be 40402)

Secondary Classification:

10610: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (methods development to be 10203)

Tertiary Classification:

40402: Genetics and Breeding in Agricultural Sciences




Hordeum bulbosum is a perennial wild relative of annual barley and is used as a candidate species for development of a perennial cereal grain crop by the research group. It belongs to the secondary gene pool of barley and is also used as a genetic resource for improvement of annual barley for e.g. resitance to pathogens. This project aims at assembling the tetraploid genome of this species (2n = 4x = 28, haploid genome size, 1C ~4 Gb). We have sequenced the species on the PacBio Revio System for HiFi long-reads sequences at the SciLifeLab in Uppsala. Furthermore, the transcriptome sequencing of the species will be soon ready using the same PacBio platform for Iso-Seq datasets. The HiFi and Iso-Seq sequencing datasets will be used to develop phased de novo genome and transcriptome references for H. bulbosum, and thereby serve as key resources towards unlocking of the genome and transcriptome of the tetraploid H. bulbosum. This project aims to assemble and annotate the genome using this data.