Human body modelling of injury

NAISS 2023/5-464


NAISS Medium Compute

Principal Investigator:

Svein Kleiven


Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

20301: Applied Mechanics

Secondary Classification:

20699: Other Medical Engineering



Injuries from car crashes resulting in long term consequences are not addressed to the extent required for coping with future needs and ambitions. One of the reasons is that it is not clearly defined which specific injuries that mainly results in long term consequences, although the main body regions are known. In order to develop countermeasures addressing injuries with long term consequences, it is essential to establish which specific injuries are concerned and for these establish mechanisms and criteria as well as associated methods and tools. Therefore, the research question for this project concern: Which are the injury types leading to long-term consequences, can head and upper extremity injuries be predicted and prevented, and which are the methods and criteria to be used? In this project, detailed FE models of full human body and head with millions of elements will be used for simulations, requiring large computational resources. This described project is currently funded by a Vinnova, and a VR project.