Single cell seq of human Neuroblastoma tumors and mouse PCC

NAISS 2023/6-263


NAISS Medium Storage

Principal Investigator:

Susanne Schlisio


Karolinska Institutet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

30107: Medical Genetics



I am a cancer biologist focusing on cancer arising from the sympatho-adrenal linage, such as childhood neuroblastoma, a heterogeneous malignancy spanning from spontaneous remission to fatal metastatic disease. I plan to analyze primary neuroblastoma tumors provided by the Karolinska Hospital that are characterized on stage, outcome, MYCN and 1p-status and genomic profile group. 25 tumors of either high stage (unfavorable, stage-4), high stage that spontaneously regress (4S) and low stage with good prognosis (no evidence of disease) will be analyzed using single cell transcriptomics to investigate heterogeneity, maturation and the identification of small sub-groups within a heterogenic tumor. I will ask if signatures from single cell analysis of the “bad” versus “good” neuroblastoma include fate decision-related gene expression clusters prominent in early or late embryonic sympathoblast/crest populations discovered in single cell analysis of mouse crest and sympatho-adrenal anlage.