Ship in waves

NAISS 2023/6-238


NAISS Medium Storage

Principal Investigator:

Arash Eslamdoost


Chalmers tekniska högskola

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

20306: Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics



This storage will be used for a project called Propeller-Hull Interaction in Waves at the division of Marine Technology at Chalmers. In order to design fuel efficient ships and right install machinery onboard, ship designers need to know the interaction effects between a vessel’s components. For instance, neglecting the interaction effects between propeller, hull and rudder may result in under/over-prediction of the required power, about 10%. Thanks to the development of modern computational methods and to some extent measurement techniques during recent years, naval architects have been able to explore the interaction effects more in detail and enhance their designs. However, a large proportion of these studies have been carried out in model scale as well as in calm water where no incoming waves are involved. The objective of the current project is to push the boundaries of the ship hydrodynamics research field further forward and study the propeller-hull interaction effects in waves to introduce new possibilities for ship fuel consumption reduction. In the previous phases, we have studied the performance of bare hull in waves. Now, we are investigating the performance of an isolated propeller in waves as well as the interaction between propeller and hull in waves.