Open Centre Local Compute Rounds

There is more than one open round of this type. Select one of them below:

HPC2N Local Compute 2023

Access to HPC2N resources for researchers at HPC2N parter sites. SNIC Small rules apply.

LiU Local Compute 2023

Access to Sigma @ NSC for LiU researchers.

See further information.

LiU Local GPU 2023

This round is for GPU resources hosted by NSC for researchers at Linköping University.

Please note that priority will be given to ML/Deep Learning projects as those generally benefits the most of V100 GPU's compared to using regular CPU's.

See further information.

LU Local, 2023

This round is for LUND UNIVERSITY ONLY and NAISS Medium rules apply, i.e., the PI has to be a senior scientist at Lund University, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent).

See further information.

LU Local small, 2023

This round is for LU LOCAL USERS ONLY and LU Small rules apply.

UPPMAX Local Compute 2023

This round is for Uppsala University affiliated users, intending to use local UPPMAX resources such as Snowy, or for users who have an agreement with UPPMAX. For general education, do not use this round, see