LU Local, 2023


This round has been closed as all proposals have been handled.

This round is for LUND UNIVERSITY ONLY and NAISS Medium rules apply, i.e., the PI has to be a senior scientist at Lund University, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent).

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Resource Centre Total
Available Unit Note
COSMOS LUNARC 7 660 300 8 000 x 1000 core-h/month
COSMOS represent a significant increase in computational capacity and will offer access to modern hardware including GPUs. Through the LUNARC Desktop new and existing users will be able to draw upon the benefits of high performance computing (HPC) while not having to be burdened by the intricacies of HPC utilisation. At the same time, users proficient in HPC usage will still be able to make use of the computational power represented in the interconnected nodes of COSMOS. COSMOS consists out of 182 compute nodes funded by Lund university. Each node has two AMD 7413 processors (Milan), offering 48 compute cores per node. The nodes have 256 GB ram installed. In addition to the CPU nodes there are also 6 NVIDIA A100 nodes and 6 NVIDIA A40 GPU Nodes. For more specs see below. COSMOS also features Intel partitions with Intel processors (Caskade Lake), offering 32 compute cores each. There are 22 CPU nodes, 5 nodes with NVIDIA A40 GPUs and four nodes with A100 GPUs within the Intel partitions.

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