Storage @ LUMI Sweden (Storage resource)

Project storage for NAISS allocations on LUMI.

Storage is applied for using TB-hours. Flash storage, LUMI-F, is accounted at ten times the TB-hour rate, i.e. use of 1TB of Flash storage for one hour costs 10 TB-hours. Lustre storage, LUMI-P, is accounted at the TB-hour rate. CEPH object storage, LUMI-O, is accounted at ½ the TB-hour rate, i.e. use of 1TB of CEPH storage for one hour costs 0.5 TB-hours. The total size of the Swedish part LUMI storage system is 35 412 000 TB-hours.

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Open Round

At this moment, you can apply for access to this resource in the following round:

LUMI Benchmark and Development 2024

The purpose of the LUMI Benchmark and Development calls is to support researchers and HPC application developers by giving them the opportunity to develop, test, optimise and benchmark their applications on the upcoming/available LUMI system prior to applying for a regular LUMI Sweden project.

To apply, you must be a scientist in Swedish academia, at least at the level of assistant professor. Normally previous experience from NAISS Medium/Large Compute projects, or equivalent, is required.