Kebnekaise Large Memory @ HPC2N (Compute resource)

This resource is for access to the Large Memory nodes in Kebnekaise.

For CPU nodes see resource 'Kebnekaise'.

For GPU nodes see resource 'Kebnekaise GPU'.


Kebnekaise is a heterogeneous computing resource currently consisting of: Notes:
  1. Access to the CPU nodes are handled through the 'Kebnekaise' resource.
  2. Access to the GPU nodes are handled through the 'Kebnekaise GPU' resource.
  3. New nodes will be procured on a semi-regular basis.

More information about Kebnekaise Large Memory @ HPC2N

Open Round

At this moment, you can apply for access to this resource in the following round:

HPC2N Local Compute 2024

Access to HPC2N resources for researchers at HPC2N parter sites. NAISS Small rules apply.