Berzelius Storage @ NSC (Storage resource)

High performance central storage is available using 4x AI400X and 2x AI400X2, serving a total of 1.5 PB of storage to all nodes of the cluster via a dedicated InfiniBand interconnect. Aggregate read IO performance is 320 GB/s from the central storage and the dedicated data interconnect bandwidth per node is 25 GB/s.

NSC centre storage (as available on Tetralith) is not accessible on Berzelius.

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Open Round

At this moment, you can apply for access to this resource in the following round:

LiU Berzelius 2024

Apply to this round for a project on the Berzelius SuperPOD at NSC. Berzelius is a non SNIC system donated to NSC by Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW). Monthly evaluation of proposals during the year.

To apply, you must be a scientist in Swedish academia, at the level of PhD student or higher.

Applications are normally evaluated during the last week each month.

See further information.