Towards improved marine environmental and climate information for the Baltic Sea, North Sea and Arctic Ocean

NAISS 2023/1-45


NAISS Large Compute

Principal Investigator:

Per Pemberton



Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10501: Climate Research

Secondary Classification:

10509: Oceanography, Hydrology and Water Resources



SMHI develops and provides data on the marine environment and its effects of climate change. Such data is used by decision-makers and researchers to contribute to improved long-term marine planning, and provided to the general public through the climate scenario service . The data is produced using a method called dynamical downscaling where global climate scenarios from Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP), together with different nutrient scenarios, are refined in a chain of computations involving one or several components of a regional high resolution coupled atmosphere–ocean–ice–biogeochemistry system. Such a chain is generally very computational demanding and this application addresses our growing need of computational resources to explore new methods as well as progress our existing tools towards the next generation of model systems. Our project is structured around three applications where we intend to: 1) update our coupled atmosphere–ocean system to the next generation of model versions, 2) continue to build an ensemble of climate scenarios by downscaling a selected group of CMIP5 global climate models and nutrient scenarios, and 3) build a new coupled ocean–sea ice-biogeochemistry system of the Arctic Ocean. This project is a direct continuation of two previous SNIC medium allocations, merged together to facilitate management and make more efficient use of the requested resources. The work is mainly funded by the 1:10 Klimatanpassningsanslaget from the Swedish Government.