Complex chemical mixtures in agricultural landscapes: assessing adverse effects on freshwater ecosystems from an environmental genomics perspective (MIXOMIC)

NAISS 2023/22-5


NAISS Small Compute

Principal Investigator:

Pedro Inostroza


Göteborgs universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10203: Bioinformatics (Computational Biology) (applications to be 10610)




MIXOMIC addresses knowledge gaps regarding the impact of complex chemical mixtures at genome level in freshwater ecosystems. Invertebrate communities represent one of the Biological Quality Elements according to the European Union Water Framework Directive and they are extensively used as biological indicators to assess water quality. Hence, the study of both the genomic and chemical status and further trait implications will help to assess the environmental health of agricultural ecosystems in Sweden. The project will: (i) assess the chemical status of different freshwater ecosystems, (ii) analyse genomic status of aquatic invertebrate populations long-term exposed to complex chemical mixtures, and (iii) identify major mixtures driving alterations of genomics patterns, which may promote pollution-induced tolerance in non-target aquatic invertebrates. The proposed project has a profound interdisciplinary nature. DNA–based tools, analysis of chemicals, and assessment of phenotypic traits are combined in order to offer a novel toolbox for assessing the effects of complex chemical mixtures in Swedish freshwater ecosystems.