Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics

SNIC 2022/5-530


SNIC Medium Compute

Principal Investigator:

Thomas Kalscheuer


Uppsala universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10505: Geophysics




Electromagnetic methods in applied geophysics aim at delineating geological or hydrological structures in the Earth's crust with models of electric conductivity as proxies to such structures. For that purpose, measurements of electric and magnetic fields collected on the Earth's surface are inverted for models of electric conductivity. Depending on model dimensionality (2D or 3D) and additional complexity imposed by the experimental setup, inverse and forward modelling may make computations on computer clusters necessary. In this project, we intend to apply already developed 2D and 3D inversion algorithms to field data collected for studies of the shallow subsurface (e.g., groundwater and contaminant investigations), upper crustal structures (e.g., tectonic structures and mineral deposits) and deeper crustal and upper mantle structures (e.g., studies of the Caledonian orogeny). Further, the project will involve development of novel forward and inverse modelling algorithms for which a testing platform is required. These development projects will primarily be devoted to 3D modelling algorithms and intra-disciplinary approaches in 2D and 3D to obtain more comprehensive images of the Earth's crust by combining seismic and electromagnetic data.