Studies of dense suspensions, structure and dynamics

SNIC 2022/5-610


SNIC Medium Compute

Principal Investigator:

Martin Trulsson


Lunds universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

20306: Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

Secondary Classification:

10402: Physical Chemistry



This research proposal focus on the dynamic and static properties of various dense suspensions. By means of theories and numerical calculations/simulations we intend (a) to study the rheology of non-Brownian and Brownian dense suspensions (b) investigate the origin of the non-locality seen in several dense flows (c) clarify the link between the jamming transition and the glass transition (d) test our previous theories also for gels (e) formulate theories trying to unify the weak and strong couplings regimes for classical electrostatic systems (f) correctly address non-linear (mean-field) electrostatic effects in dense suspensions and (g) explore the consequences of size and form of charged colloidal particles for their phase-diagram and dynamics (e.g. existence of different/several glassy phases). All these questions have a large scientific as well as industrial/commercial interest and will help us to better understand/control dense suspensions. Understanding dense suspensions also have a large value for other scientific fields, ranging from biology (e.g. crowding in dense proteins solutions), material sciences to geology (e.g. sediment transport). In the end of the project we also want to apply our newly gained knowledge to the closely related systems of foams, emulsions and gels.